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Company Information

Japanese Used Cars for Your Business and Everyday Driving

About Us

We are always exporting good-quality Japanese used cars. We will never export inferior cars. We have the utmost confidence regarding the quality and the price of our cars.

Teatime Japan inspects and buys cars for our inventory that Japanese consumers were driving until just the day before, so there is no cost involved in taking the cars to auction.

That is why we can offer cars to you at a low cost. Of course, depending on the type of the car, we also sell used cars to customers inside Japan.

Company Information

Company Name: Teatime Japan, Inc.
Company Website URL: http://www.teatime-auto.com/
Year Established: 2005
Registered Capital: Below US$100,000
Number of Employees: 5
Representative/Business Owner: Mr. Katsuo Natsume
Used Car Dealer License: No. 543920900300 Aichi Japan

Our Business

Used Car Exports
Auto Auction Support
Used Car Sales

Contact Info

E-mail: info@teatimejapan.com
Address: 37-3 Yamamoto, Kamiyoshida, Shinshiro
Japan 441-1622
Office Phone: 81-536-34-0783
Office Fax: 81-536-34-0127
Mobile: 81-90-4182-1411